September 12, 2014

Orgasmic Toothpicks - Demo (Self-released, 1993)

Friends of the Club, hooray! We're back in business. And we are back with god shit for you, guys and gals! We are pretty honored to present you the Orgasmic Toothpicks' demo, released in 1993 on cassette tape in the Basque Country (Spain). The Toothpicks were the hell of a band. If you remember the nineties, they were not just grunge, but the explosion for alternative rock. Experimentation and crossover were the every day's news. In Spain they were a lot of bands who enthusiastically joined this crossover trend: Negu Gorriak, Psilicon Flesh, Os Resentidos Def Con Dos and, of course, Orgasmic Thootpicks. Rock, funk-metal, rap, hardcore, folklore... any kind of music was good to be mixed and blended with the rock standards. Pish, Faith No More, Fishbone, Mano Negra made really amazing crossover music. And so did the Orgasmic Toothpicks. This is the first time this recording is digitalized and released to the public. But this is not on me. I'm merely a "distributor". The guys behind this are Iñaki and Ernesto, who digitalized and sent to me, respectively, the tape. So thank them. And now, stop suckin' our dicks. After the demo was released, the band put eight songs in two compilation albums: four in the cult-classic Underribi (1994) and  another four in a compilation released by Psylocibe. I don't know really much about the band. The only think I can tell to you is that then... they disappear, like Keyser Söze. But as him, they weren't forgotten. They vividly remained on the memories of the ones who listened to them in their glorious days, back in the nineties. And they still remain.

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