May 13, 2013

Tokyo Electron - AZ 238 (FDH Records / Certified PR Records, 2009)

Oh me, oh my, definitively Tokyo Electron grew up like giants. As most of you enjoyed the two 7" that I posted on the old Down and Roll, you could totally understand what I'm talking about after listening to AZ 238 (2009), the swan song of these Arizona guys—with Ryan Rousseau focused on Earthmen & Strangers and his solo career the project seems to be finished. After they had become a quartet, the songs grew sounding more thickness and complexes, but they still sound in a Tokyo Electron-style. Is just they moved a step forward from their desert garage-punk—in their own words. As former releases, the LP was limited to a very few copies, in this case they were 500 in green-marveled red vinyl.

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