May 10, 2013

Chris Isaak - Gone Ridin' (Warner Bros., 1985) (Promo single)

Like this guy. A lot. Because Chris Isaak is a nice guy. Beyond his resemblance to Elvis and the old heroes of Sun Records and the rockabilly golden age, Isaak has showed himself as a skillful songwriter, an emotional performer, and a charismatic frontman. And almost thirty years after his debut LP, the guy is still in business and beatin' us with notable records. Isaak's first solo album was called Silvertone (1985), also the name of his backin'-band. The album had passed almost unnoticed until "Gone Ridin'" and "Livin' for Your Lover" were featured in the Blue Velvet soundtrack in 1986. It's funny, because "Gone Ridin'"—a vibrant rockabilly tune driven by the silky voice of Mr. Lonely Heart—was featured also in American Flyer (1985); even Warner released a promo single—the today's one—with no success. So thank you with all my heart for your contribution to the Isaak's success, Mr. Lynch.

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