May 8, 2013

El Aviador Dro y sus Obreros Especializados - La Chica de Plexiglás / La Visión (Movieplay, 1983) (Munster Records reissue, 2005)

Servando Carballar, the man behind El Aviador Dro y sus Obreros Especializados (a.k.a. Aviador Dro), was a clever clairvoyant. He was one of the Spanish synth-pop ground-makers: in 1979, when the punk was barely grounded in Spain, he founded Aviador Dro—a Devo/Kraftwerk-influenced band—having a notorious success in the punk/new wave Spanish scene—known as La Movida. Their debut 7" was "La chica de plexiglás" ("Plexiglas Girl") b/w "Láser" (1980), a masterpiece which have become a classic of the incipient Spanish independent records. One year later appeared "La visión" ("The View") b/w "HAL 9000" (1981), another visionary two-song 7". After that, they founded their own record label—D.R.O., or Discos Radiactivos Organizados, "Organized Radioactive Records"—releasing their third 7", Nuclear, sí ("Nuclear, yes", 1982). Moviplay, their former label, released in 1983 the two first 7" in one 12" including two extra songs ("Vano temporal" and "Gestalt"). And 22 years after that, Munster Records reissued the 12" in a double 7" format, in blue vinyl. Enjoy!

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