September 12, 2014

Orgasmic Toothpicks - Demo (Self-released, 1993)

Friends of the Club, hooray! We're back in business. And we are back with god shit for you, guys and gals! We are pretty honored to present you the Orgasmic Toothpicks' demo, released in 1993 on cassette tape in the Basque Country (Spain). The Toothpicks were the hell of a band. If you remember the nineties, they were not just grunge, but the explosion for alternative rock. Experimentation and crossover were the every day's news. In Spain they were a lot of bands who enthusiastically joined this crossover trend: Negu Gorriak, Psilicon Flesh, Os Resentidos Def Con Dos and, of course, Orgasmic Thootpicks. Rock, funk-metal, rap, hardcore, folklore... any kind of music was good to be mixed and blended with the rock standards. Pish, Faith No More, Fishbone, Mano Negra made really amazing crossover music. And so did the Orgasmic Toothpicks. This is the first time this recording is digitalized and released to the public. But this is not on me. I'm merely a "distributor". The guys behind this are Iñaki and Ernesto, who digitalized and sent to me, respectively, the tape. So thank them. And now, stop suckin' our dicks. After the demo was released, the band put eight songs in two compilation albums: four in the cult-classic Underribi (1994) and  another four in a compilation released by Psylocibe. I don't know really much about the band. The only think I can tell to you is that then... they disappear, like Keyser Söze. But as him, they weren't forgotten. They vividly remained on the memories of the ones who listened to them in their glorious days, back in the nineties. And they still remain.

May 13, 2013

Tokyo Electron - AZ 238 (FDH Records / Certified PR Records, 2009)

Oh me, oh my, definitively Tokyo Electron grew up like giants. As most of you enjoyed the two 7" that I posted on the old Down and Roll, you could totally understand what I'm talking about after listening to AZ 238 (2009), the swan song of these Arizona guys—with Ryan Rousseau focused on Earthmen & Strangers and his solo career the project seems to be finished. After they had become a quartet, the songs grew sounding more thickness and complexes, but they still sound in a Tokyo Electron-style. Is just they moved a step forward from their desert garage-punk—in their own words. As former releases, the LP was limited to a very few copies, in this case they were 500 in green-marveled red vinyl.

May 10, 2013

Chris Isaak - Gone Ridin' (Warner Bros., 1985) (Promo single)

Like this guy. A lot. Because Chris Isaak is a nice guy. Beyond his resemblance to Elvis and the old heroes of Sun Records and the rockabilly golden age, Isaak has showed himself as a skillful songwriter, an emotional performer, and a charismatic frontman. And almost thirty years after his debut LP, the guy is still in business and beatin' us with notable records. Isaak's first solo album was called Silvertone (1985), also the name of his backin'-band. The album had passed almost unnoticed until "Gone Ridin'" and "Livin' for Your Lover" were featured in the Blue Velvet soundtrack in 1986. It's funny, because "Gone Ridin'"—a vibrant rockabilly tune driven by the silky voice of Mr. Lonely Heart—was featured also in American Flyer (1985); even Warner released a promo single—the today's one—with no success. So thank you with all my heart for your contribution to the Isaak's success, Mr. Lynch.

May 8, 2013

El Aviador Dro y sus Obreros Especializados - La Chica de Plexiglás / La Visión (Movieplay, 1983) (Munster Records reissue, 2005)

Servando Carballar, the man behind El Aviador Dro y sus Obreros Especializados (a.k.a. Aviador Dro), was a clever clairvoyant. He was one of the Spanish synth-pop ground-makers: in 1979, when the punk was barely grounded in Spain, he founded Aviador Dro—a Devo/Kraftwerk-influenced band—having a notorious success in the punk/new wave Spanish scene—known as La Movida. Their debut 7" was "La chica de plexiglás" ("Plexiglas Girl") b/w "Láser" (1980), a masterpiece which have become a classic of the incipient Spanish independent records. One year later appeared "La visión" ("The View") b/w "HAL 9000" (1981), another visionary two-song 7". After that, they founded their own record label—D.R.O., or Discos Radiactivos Organizados, "Organized Radioactive Records"—releasing their third 7", Nuclear, sí ("Nuclear, yes", 1982). Moviplay, their former label, released in 1983 the two first 7" in one 12" including two extra songs ("Vano temporal" and "Gestalt"). And 22 years after that, Munster Records reissued the 12" in a double 7" format, in blue vinyl. Enjoy!

May 6, 2013

Dex Romweber Duo - The Wind Did Move b/w Last Kind Word Blues (Third Man Records, 2009)

Dex Romweber is one of the big names in the U.S. underground/roots scene. He founded along with Crow Smith the epic Flat Duo Jets, probably one of the most notorious guitar/drum dui in the recent history of psycho-punk-blues —it is well-known that Jack White was heavily-influenced by this band when he founded the White Stripes with his false sister Meg White. We could say that Dex came full circle when he formed Dex Romweber Duo with his sister Sara Romweber —and this time is a real sister. They have released a couple of highly recommended LP's and one 12" from the Live at Third Man Records series. Among other releases, we can found this 7" from Third Man Blue Series: "The Wind Did Move" b/w "Last Kind Word Blues" (2009), the last one featuring Jack White himself. It is kinda odd that the former disciple have become the patron, don't you think? It's a curious thing the success.

May 1, 2013

Die Rötzz - Tugboat 45 (Die Slaughterhaus Records, 2005)

Die Rötzz is one of these bands with a gift: they are really capable of composing songs which will immediatly grasp in your head. It's a shame that this awesome band has so little references released; just a bunch of 7'' and a home-made compilation tape. Tugboat 45 (2005) is their second EP, released by Die Slaughterhaus Records, a record label which is quality guarantee. The artifact contains four punches right-to-your-nose, really catchy and addictive. And the funny thing is that there are no secrets, the songs are really simple and flourish-free. They are "just" great. Dammit, I need more!

April 26, 2013

Various - The Munster Dance Hall Favorites Vol. 1 (Teenagers from Outer Space / Rocco, 1987)

Today I'm really proud of postin' for y'all this record: The Munster Dance Hall Favorites Vol. 1 (1987), a legendary one. A 7" which is a fuckin milestone of the Spanish underground rock; released by Teenages from Outer Space Records (the embryo of Munster Records) and compiled by the Munster Brothers—Íñigo and Gorka. The vinyl contains four songs with enough magnitude to be worth for entire Back from the Grave volumes: Surfin' Lungs ("The Munster Theme" in garage-surf style), the terrific Spacement 3 ("Take Me to the Other Side"), Sex Museum in their garage time ("You"), and the legendary los Enemigos ("Chicken All over"). Four bands that shook the underground scenes of Britain and Spain. They will rock you, that's guaranteed. Another magnificent record that Tony DevilDog brings to us. Thanks, bro!

April 24, 2013

Nobunny - Live at Third Man Records (Third Man Records, 2010)

What a curious thing is Music. Someone appears in your life coming out of the blue, nothing too original—as evokes a lot of different bands, but at the same time, with a distinct and unique sound. You inevitable get hooked on that sound, the guy becomes one of your favorites and you get crazy looking for his albums. Well, that guy is Nobunny, alias Justin Champlin. The first record I listened to was First Blood (2010); it was put in my hands by a record store owner—one of those guys which musical criteria you can trust blindly, and from the first time I played, I realized that I was in front of something fuckin’ great. Since then I've been looking for every single work he has released. My last acquisition was this Live at Third Man Records (2010), from the Live at Third Man series, recorded at Jack White's studios in Nashville, TN. It will bring to your ears this rock and roll, bubblegum punk, garage and lo-fi mixture which might remind you to millions of bands, but, to me is just Nobunny. And no one else.

April 22, 2013

Spizzenergi - Where's Captain Kirk? b/w Amnesia (Rough Trade, 1979)

In somewhere between the Buzzcoks and the Undertones there were Spizzenergi. They released only four 7" as Spizzenergi, but under different aliases—Athletico Spizz 80 or Spizzles—they came also a couple of LPs. "Where's Captain Kirk?" b/w "Amnesia" (1979) is, no doubt, the band's most famous and well-known 7". It's also one of my favorites all-time punk/new wave singles. Released by Rough Trade, the single came with a terrific pop-art cover. It's a shame that "Amnesia" was overshadowed by the tremendous success of the titular song, but it is also perfectly understandable: "Where's Captain Kirk?" is a classic, catchy song, which won the band their place in music history. The best Star Treck-related song ever written, John Peel dixit.

April 18, 2013

Sin City Six - Tonight Tonight b/w Tell It (Screaming Apple, 2000)

The last formation of Pleasure Fuckers—without lead singer Kike Turmix—and Lee Robinson—singer of the Fortunate Sons and former of the A-10—formed the Sin City Six in the last years of the past century. This terrific line-up released three singles and one LP, a killer record I never get tired of listen to—and which I posted in Down and Roll. After the LP Lee Robinson passed away and the Sin City Six released another good record—Home of the Brave (2003)—, but not as good as the first one. "Tonight Tonight" b/w "Tell It" (2000) was their third 7", which contains two songs included in their first LP, but different versions, recorded by Mikel Biffs (from Safety Pins). This record is the first contribution of our new member and collaborator Tony DevilDog. Thanks for the record, mate!