April 26, 2013

Various - The Munster Dance Hall Favorites Vol. 1 (Teenagers from Outer Space / Rocco, 1987)

Today I'm really proud of postin' for y'all this record: The Munster Dance Hall Favorites Vol. 1 (1987), a legendary one. A 7" which is a fuckin milestone of the Spanish underground rock; released by Teenages from Outer Space Records (the embryo of Munster Records) and compiled by the Munster Brothers—Íñigo and Gorka. The vinyl contains four songs with enough magnitude to be worth for entire Back from the Grave volumes: Surfin' Lungs ("The Munster Theme" in garage-surf style), the terrific Spacement 3 ("Take Me to the Other Side"), Sex Museum in their garage time ("You"), and the legendary los Enemigos ("Chicken All over"). Four bands that shook the underground scenes of Britain and Spain. They will rock you, that's guaranteed. Another magnificent record that Tony DevilDog brings to us. Thanks, bro!

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