April 24, 2013

Nobunny - Live at Third Man Records (Third Man Records, 2010)

What a curious thing is Music. Someone appears in your life coming out of the blue, nothing too original—as evokes a lot of different bands, but at the same time, with a distinct and unique sound. You inevitable get hooked on that sound, the guy becomes one of your favorites and you get crazy looking for his albums. Well, that guy is Nobunny, alias Justin Champlin. The first record I listened to was First Blood (2010); it was put in my hands by a record store owner—one of those guys which musical criteria you can trust blindly, and from the first time I played, I realized that I was in front of something fuckin’ great. Since then I've been looking for every single work he has released. My last acquisition was this Live at Third Man Records (2010), from the Live at Third Man series, recorded at Jack White's studios in Nashville, TN. It will bring to your ears this rock and roll, bubblegum punk, garage and lo-fi mixture which might remind you to millions of bands, but, to me is just Nobunny. And no one else.

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