April 18, 2013

Sin City Six - Tonight Tonight b/w Tell It (Screaming Apple, 2000)

The last formation of Pleasure Fuckers—without lead singer Kike Turmix—and Lee Robinson—singer of the Fortunate Sons and former of the A-10—formed the Sin City Six in the last years of the past century. This terrific line-up released three singles and one LP, a killer record I never get tired of listen to—and which I posted in Down and Roll. After the LP Lee Robinson passed away and the Sin City Six released another good record—Home of the Brave (2003)—, but not as good as the first one. "Tonight Tonight" b/w "Tell It" (2000) was their third 7", which contains two songs included in their first LP, but different versions, recorded by Mikel Biffs (from Safety Pins). This record is the first contribution of our new member and collaborator Tony DevilDog. Thanks for the record, mate!

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